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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After a monologue referring to the events of Final Fantasy VII, Weiss is revealed to be possessed by the spirit of Hojo, who had used his remaining strength after being defeated at the Mako Cannon to upload his consciousness into the worldwide network. Hojo was able to usurp Weiss' body because of Weiss being in the middle of an SND to find a cure for a virus he was infected with by the Restrictors, leaving his mind wide open. Vincent attempts to defeat Weiss, but with the power of Omega he is practically invincible and Vincent is easily defeated. In his weakened state, Vincent starts losing control of Chaos again, but Lucrecia appears again and pleads for Vincent not to let Chaos control him. Weiss attempts to finish Vincent off, but Vincent deflects his attack, "utilizing the Protomateria to call forth Chaos while retaining [his] human form", as Hojo puts it. Enhanced by the powers of Chaos, Vincent is able to fight Weiss to a standstill. At this point, the spirit of Nero appears, silences Hojo's flaunts about the power of Omega, and finally embraces his brother, infusing him with his spirit and exorcising Hojo's spirit from Weiss' body. Finally, Weiss enters the surrounding Lifestream, which activates the appearance of Omega.

Omega WEAPON begins forming over the remains of Midgar by drawing Mako directly from the Reactors. Vincent is swept up in one of the currents, and loses control over Chaos in the process, transforming into the demon to escape from inside Omega. Shelke senses what's happening, and enters SND, which also allows her to communicate with living beings on the subconscious level. Entering Omega, Shelke finds the spirit of Lucrecia with the Protomateria, and evades Omega's attacks to return it to Vincent, allowing him complete control over Chaos' form.