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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tifa Lockhart

Cloud Strife's childhood friend from Nibelheim, martial artist Tifa Lockhart was the owner of the Seventh Heaven bar in Midgar and an original member of rebel group, AVALANCHE. She fought against Shinra Inc. with Barret, and later accompanied Cloud on his journey to defeat Sephiroth. Tifa held the key to unlocking Cloud's true past, and continued support him two years after FFVII.

She rebuilt the Seventh Heaven bar in Edge with the help of Barret and Cloud, and continued to look after Marlene in Barret's absence. She was regularly frustrated by Cloud's condition and his insistence at segregating himself from his friends, culminating in a desperate, exasperated argument in Advent Children after Marlene was kidnapped by Loz. Tifa later joined the rest of the regrouped AVALANCHE in battling Bahamut Sin in Edge.