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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In time, Vincent and Lucrecia form an informal friendship where Vincent's feelings begin to grow, until Vincent happens upon a confidential file Lucrecia left unattended and finds out about what happened to his father. When he asks Lucrecia about it, she assumes he will react harshly and, after apologizing to Vincent, flees the situation and enters a relationship with Hojo, which would lead her into the Jenova Project, and bring Sephiroth into the world. Rather than trying to stop things, Vincent merely stands back, believing that whatever makes Lucrecia happy is best. However, upon seeing her continued and increasingly severe suffering, Vincent confronts Hojo, who shoots him in the stomach. Lucrecia enters at this point and what she sees only makes her already fragile mental state even worse. Not wanting a repeat of what happened with Grimoire, Lucrecia resolves to save Vincent no matter what the cost. Unable to stop tissue decay, a mocking remark from Hojo gives her the idea to use her research on Chaos to find a solution. By injecting Vincent with G Substance (the dark substance that killed Grimoire), Lucrecia stabilizes Vincent's body, but at a cost: Vincent becomes Chaos. Crying out in despair at her repeated failures, the Protomateria appears before Lucrecia, which she uses to calm the beast and return Vincent to human form. With her mind practically broken as a result of all that has happened, Lucrecia tries to commit suicide, but the Jenova cells inside her thwart her attempts. Consequently, she seals herself away from the world inside the Waterfall Cavern. In the meantime, Hojo takes Vincent's body and uses it in his experiments where it turns out that, with the power of Chaos inside him, Vincent has become immortal, which enables him to survive Hojo's tests. After regaining consciousness and reacting in horror at his new form (the Galiant Beast), he is sealed in a coffin in the basement of the Shinra Mansion, where he would sleep for 30 years before meeting Cloud and his party.