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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After clearing out the town and forcing the soldiers to retreat with the help of the "real" Reeve and fresh WRO reinforcements, Vincent travels to Edge with Reeve, who reveals the collective name of the soldiers: Deepground. A new breed of supersoldiers even more powerful than SOLDIER, the project was initially ordered by President Shinra and very few others knew about it. What little information the WRO have on them was gleaned from Scarlet's files. Suddenly a transmission comes in, where a seated man with long, messy white hair claims that "the time has come to cleanse this world". Suddenly the vehicle is attacked by a pack of Deepground wolves that, despite Vincent's efforts to vanquish them, still cause the vehicle to crash. Vincent continues the journey to Edge on foot, battling more Deepground soldiers and wolves along the way.

Reaching Edge, Vincent meets Shalua Rui, a WRO scientist, who tells Vincent that the city is deserted before leaving, saying that she is searching for "[her] reason to live". Meanwhile a red-headed woman sits surrounded by countless corpses of WRO soldiers, lauding "Weiss" on his earlier speech. Making his way through the abandoned city, Vincent comes across a young boy who helps him get a keycard to access a warehouse where he meets the woman from before, who introduces herself as Rosso the Crimson before throwing Vincent into a wall. Chaos emerges from the rubble and launches an energy attack of such power that Rosso is forced to flee.