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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At this point, a series of flashbacks expand upon the backstories of Vincent and, to a greater degree, Lucrecia. Lucrecia was a Shinra scientist and assistant to Professor Grimoire Valentine, Vincent's father. Studying Chaos and Omega WEAPON with only an ancient Cetra text to go on, Lucrecia completes a thesis on the subject which is heavily mocked. However, rather than dampening her spirits, their criticism just drives her to prove them wrong. Later, Lucrecia and Grimoire find the Waterfall Cavern which, according to the Cetra text, is the place where Chaos will appear on Gaia. Finding a dark, mist-like substance, they take it back to the Shinra Mansion where a violent reaction when studying it almost claims Lucrecia's life, with Grimoire pushing her out of harm's way at the last second, sacrificing himself instead. This tragedy strikes Lucrecia hard, affecting her future actions. Shortly afterward, Vincent is assigned her protection. Flustered that she would have to interact with the son of her deceased mentor, and worried that he would find out the truth, Lucrecia hides these feelings and introduces herself.