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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The attack soon begins with Vincent as part of the ground squad, but a stray bullet hitting his hoverboard lands him far from the others. Vincent fights through the Depground hordes, eventually reaching the remains of the Shinra building where, after fighting Rosso and Azul each for the last time, he reaches Mako Reactor 0, the home of Deepground. Meanwhile, on the Shera, Nero the Sable,another Tsviet and second-in-command, sabotages the engine and kills the engine room crew. Shelke tries to defeat him, but fails, falling into his darkness. Vincent travels deeper into Mako Reactor 0, successfully fighting off Nero, after which Yuffie appears again and accompanies Vincent to the throne of Weiss the Immaculate, the highest member of the Tsviets and leader of Deepground. In the meantime, Shelke, surviving in Nero's darkness using her shield materia, has a final conversation with the spirit of her sister, who asks if it would be alright for her to enter the Lifestream, reminding Shelke of the time their mother died.

Nero makes one final attempt to stop Vincent from approaching Weiss, who is revealed to be Nero's older brother, absorbing Vincent into his darkness, but Vincent is able to escape, with Shelke in tow, because his own darkness (Chaos) is much deeper. Despite Nero's best attempts, Vincent defeats him. After getting Shelke to a Mako tank, Vincent and Yuffie approach Weiss' throne, only to find him slumped on his throne, lifeless. Nero appears and tells them of Weiss' resurrection through absorbing the powers of Omega. Suddenly the Lifestream around the room surges and Weiss rises, reborn. Nero attempts to embrace his brother, but Weiss impales him and throws his body across the room.