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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zack recovers to find Aerith tending over him. Zack returns to SOLDIER headquarters and is ordered to investigate a mako excavation site near Modeoheim where Genesis has been spotted; en route, Zack meets Shinra infantry soldier Cloud Strife, and due to their similar background, quickly becomes friends with him. Zack encounters Genesis at the facility and beats him in battle, but instead of being captured, Genesis appears to commit suicide by throwing himself into the depths of the facility. Zack travels to the Modeoheim and finds both Angeal and Hollander. It turns out that Project G was named after Angeal's mother, Gillian, not Genesis. Angeal's mother was so ashamed of having been the root of Project G that she killed herself (Angeal did not kill her). Angeal struggles to hold back his mutation but is unable to do so, and Zack is forced to kill him. Before he dies, Angeal gives Zack his buster sword, stating that "My honor, my dreams, they are yours now." Hollander is captured by arriving Shinra forces, but later escapes during an attack by Genesis clones, while Zack, distraught over the death of his friend and mentor, goes back to the Sector 5 church, where he is comforted by Aerith.