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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally, Lucrecia appears to Vincent in a dream sequence where she laments how much she hurt him and makes one last plea for his forgiveness, but is "happy that [he] survived". With this, Vincent activates his Chaos form, takes Shelke to safety, materializes the Death Penalty and faces down Omega WEAPON, obliterating its defenses in order to get close enough to find that it is protected from direct assault by a barrier. Fortunately, the WRO, together with Cloud and co., work on taking down the remains of Deepground and cheer Vincent on as he charges straight through the barrier and enters the inside of Omega, where he takes down more of the WEAPON's defenses before coming face-to-face with it. Vincent enters a portal in Omega's head into an ethereal-looking white space. After taking out some Crystal Feelers, Omega's Cocoon is forced to the surface and quickly destroyed. Afterwards Vincent encounters Weiss, now fully integrated with the powers of Omega, and he and Vincent promptly fight to a standstill. Weiss summons a biomechanical creature similar to Omega WEAPON but smaller in stature and connects himself to it, forming the final boss: Omega Weiss. Vincent defeats Weiss and escapes Omega who, rather than deactivating, actually sprouts wings and prepares to ascend into space. Seeing this, Vincent amasses all the power Chaos can afford him and charges headlong into Omega WEAPON, destroying it, and supposedly Vincent as well. As the credits roll the camera pans deep into an abyss, where Shalua's life support tank is embedded in the ground, heavily damaged. Shalua lies there, lifeless, as wisps of Lifestream begin to emanate from her body.